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Ezz Alhail

 it is the original smell of oud and cardamom and the musk that reveal a fragrance of white incense ..

340.00SAR 170.00SAR
Ex Tax: 161.90SAR

Al Wafia (Sandalwood)

It is a fragrance derived from amazing smell of sandalwood ..

380.00SAR 190.00SAR
Ex Tax: 181.00SAR

Al Wafia (Amber Oud)

 A wonderful extracted blend from amber mixed with drops of oud oil..

380.00SAR 190.00SAR
Ex Tax: 181.00SAR

Al Wafia (Musk Kashmir)

 a fregrance extracted from the special Kashmiri musk..

380.00SAR 190.00SAR
Ex Tax: 181.00SAR

Shumoukh Oud Patchouli

It is a fragrance that made from the famous batchouli lute   ..

350.00SAR 175.00SAR
Ex Tax: 166.70SAR


Aromatic value rich in luxury and reverence to satisfy the spirit by inhaling the extract of the mix..

370.00SAR 185.00SAR
Ex Tax: 176.20SAR


A stylish, attractive and warm fragrance that gives you individual confidence . let your senses inha..

300.00SAR 150.00SAR
Ex Tax: 142.90SAR