About Us


During the long journey and we have sought to solidify our sport in the local and regional market, we have spared no effort or relent to meet the wishes of our customers, which made us the satisfaction we acquire and gain their trust. We will continue to work consistently and in all sincerity and dedication to improve the quality of our products and the development of our industry to go beyond the expectations of all our customers by offering the best of the best fragrances and distinctive services, and maintain our leading position which Thagltha long experience which exceeded 80 years.

Over the past years the company has been able to configure a close relationship with its customers and Moridha, employees and the expansion of its activities and a variety of services provided to the consumer, because we believe that the consumer is our focus in all developmental our steps which Nktoha, and this is the secret of our success year after year.

We can only thank your trust and your attention and you browse to our Alaketrna, and we will seek to introduce new luxury products bearing Abeer East and fragrant the years with your favorite your choices of oud and amber that reflect the heritage and authenticity of tradition with a mix of contemporary modernity, as well as to maintain the lofty values ​​that Nrtkz them . You are close to the splendor and serenity lute Freedman Amber tastefully Sqlth experience and expertise prestigious.


Proud of a long history and deepened its roots originated in the perfume industry and trade, where our launch was the first in Mecca in 1929 was the modest shop in front of the Haram al-Sharif for the sale of the oud, amber and provide distinctive blends of perfume. And soon it is circulating this trade and has evolved to be opening the first showrooms in Jeddah advertisers thus beginning an ambitious process of continuous and the pursuit of success. With persistence, determination, and a clear vision Telmust Ibrahim al-Qurashi group its way steadily to be one of the major perfume companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

During the long journey we have adopted quality, where we send our experts to the various parts of the world to pick the best and the finest of aromatic herbs and rare oud, flowers, etc., and then brought to our factories to have meshed with professionalism and ultra-professional production of exquisite perfume blends. And all our perfume compositions characterized by a unique and different fragrance to provide our customer's perfumes private day after day.


  • . To be – Inshallah – the first brand name in the oriental perfumes world by 2025.
  • . Ibraheem Qurashi brand to become an international brand name exporting 100% Saudi products.
  • . Our brand will be present in all important capitals to crow our long successful journey & to be the step to our next challenge.
  • . To open the biggest oriental perfumes factory in the world.


  • . To be the leader in spreading the oriental perfumes worldwide by utilizing the oriental and Arabic touch to international perfumes.
  • . To manufacture and export authentic oriental perfumes.
  • . To train and qualify highly professional staff to help enhance the quality of life, locally and internationally.


The development of the perfume industry in the region and upgrade them to the world, while retaining Basmatna Arab and Eastern authentic.

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